Unity Accord
The Unity Creed

We as the global Church, throughout history and geography, believe that without unity of believers as seen in the Bible, those without a saving faith will be unable to fully see the Lord and the hearts of the naïve will be deceived. We also believe that unless we abide in Jesus and His love, our faith will not be as fruitful as it can be.


We believe that it is good and pleasant when believers are unified
because through true biblical unity,
God is glorified and we, as the Body of Christ,
will reflect that glory and the unity of the Trinity in such a way
that the world will see Their glory and love.

We also believe that biblical unity can help lead toward being blameless and innocent in our faith.

We believe that biblical unity is possible by God's love and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
by showing humility, gentleness, and patience,
without grumbling or complaining,
with purified souls and a pure heart,
having obedience to the truth and
above all by love, which is from God, for one another.

We believe that we are to avoid discord and those that cause divisions within the Body of Christ.
Instead we should love others unconditionally and look towards their interests,
being eager to focus on being united in mind and purpose and in full accord,
striving for peace thus living in harmony with one another.

We believe that a key component to harmony with one another is love
and that love is a key component of being a believer in Jesus Christ,
as it is a command and a desire that Jesus had for His disciples,
as well as an encouragement His disciples passed on to future believers.

We believe that God is still active in the world through His Church and that as a unified Body of Christ,
spread across geographic areas and made up of many denominations,
we can do more together than we can alone.

We believe that God is unleashing His Church to be a light in this dark and fallen world,
and that through Church unity, many will come to a saving faith,
believers will deepen their faith together,
and the world will know that we are His disciples.

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