Unity Accord

Unity Signer

The Unity Signer badge is earned when you first sign the Unity Accord. Whether you sign as an individual or on the part of a church or organization, you will be able to earn this badge.

Unity Supporter

The Unity Supporter badge is earned when you show your support of the Unity Accord and the Unity Creed of 2020 by sharing information about the website on social medias and by inviting others to learn more and get involved. Once someone has successfully signed the Unity Accord after clicking on your share link, this badge will be awarded to you.

Unity Donor

The Unity Donor badge is earned once you have donated at least $10.00 toward the Church Unity project.

More coming soon...

We have other badges in the works. We just want to make sure that everything is in order and ready for you. Badges like the Unity Builder, Unity Explorer, Unity Ambassador and Unity Partner are among other enhancements planned.

Ready to join the movement?

Sign the Unity Accord

Hint: After you sign, check your profile to find other ways to get connected.